The Bach Trio Sonata Project

TRIPLA CONCORDIA & Walter van Hauwe

The celebrated Italian ensemble Tripla Concordia is coming to the recorder festival for the first time and is taking the Dutch recorder legend Walter van Hauwe, who is the teacher of at least two generations of highly professional recorder players, with them on their journey to Stockstadt. The four musicians dedicate themselves to their new project with Bach music and interpret trio sonatas, which were originally written for various other instrumentations, with recorder instruments. Tripla Concordia sincerely hopes that those new versions will cast a new light on these works, thus giving the listener the opportunity of discovering new details and fresh instrumental combinations. What a repertoire!

Walter van Hauwe recorder
Lorenzo Cavasanti recorder
Caroline Boersma baroque cello
Sergio Ciomei harpsichord

Works by Johann Sebastian Bach.

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» watch video on YouTube
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SA, 15.5.21 | 4 p.m. | Altrheinhalle