Diversity, the joy of experimenting, the sounding out of new boundaries, that is the elixir of life of the 4 boys Fabian, Jonathan, Lukas, David. 4 brothers, 4 personalities, 4×4 instruments and tons of talent. Inspired by the four elements, the American comic publisher Marvel gave the characters of the Fantastic Four each a superpower. The Hanke Brothers, on the other hand, reach for recorder, viola, tuba and piano and unload the exciting contrasts of the elements in their “Elements” programme. While sounding out the boundaries of musical genres, they contrast furious sound images from the minimal music of the British composer Oliver Davis with spherical sounds by Stephan Boehme before taking the audience on a European tour with a mixture of pop and classical sounds by Aleksey Igudesman.

David Hanke recorder
Lukas Hanke viola, percussion
Jonathan Hanke piano, percussion
Fabian Hanke tuba, violin

Includes works by Oliver Davis, Jonathan Hanke, Aleksey Igudesman, Sören Sieg.

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Sun, 16.5.21 | 11 p.m. | Altrheinhalle