In 2021 we offer you the visit of 4 half-hour lessons in which several professors will teach the active participants. Michala Petri, a surprise guest and Maurice Steger are the instructors. It will be an informative party for everyone.

  • Lecture 1: Roman Sauter, recorder student from Hesse: Giuseppe Sammartini: Concerto per flauto F Dur, 1. & 2. movement
  • Lecture 2: You, dear audience! Please bring along an alto recorder in 440 Hz – You will receive valuable tips from Kerstin de Witt, our surprise guest and new recorder professor at the Cologne University of Music, among others. Everyone is welcome to participate!
  • Lecture 3: Yasaman Mashouri, recorder student at the University of Music Vienna: Jean (Johannès) Donjon: Elégie for flute solo; Content of this lesson: Playing on modern recorders (Modern Alto / Eagle); Professor: Michala Petri
  • Lecture 4: Kathrin Härtel, a professional recorder player from Frankfurt: Georg Philipp Telemann: Fantasia 2 for recorder solo, TWV 40:3; Professor: Maurice Steger

FRI, 14 May 2021 | 11 a.m. | Altrheinhalle

Entry form for active participation

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