Jeremias Schwarzer & Ralf Waldner

To declare late Baroque instrumental music around 1730 as a German invention with the expression of “mixed taste” coined by Quantz does not seem sufficient to us from today’s perspective. One could rather speak of a “European” style: the composers around 1730 were as familiar with learned counterpoint as they were with Italian operas and concerti.

There was a European musical taste that did not stop at national borders. Yet the sophistication of French music and knowledge of its ornamental practice was the general basis of tasteful composing: just as French was the language of cultivated conversation throughout most of Europe around 1730, the esprit and elegance of French music also shine through in the sonatas of Bach, Handel or Telemann.

One can listen to the works in this programme like an elegant, subtle, dance-like European concert around 1730: Un ballet imaginaire. The sound study “Lied” by Toshio Hosokawa expands the framework with an eastern perspective on the recorder sound. – Jeremias Schwarzer

Jeremias Schwarzer Blockflöte
Ralf Waldner Cembalo

Works by von C.Ph.E. Bach, J.S. Bach, J.M. Hotteterre, G.F. Händel, Toshio Hosokawa u.a.

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FRI, 27.5.22 | 16:00 |» Rossini-Saal