Sabrina Frey & Philippe Grisvard

“From the first note, Sabrina Frey showed herself to be a true paragon of extroverted temperament. In the intensity of her stage performance, she has something of a magician, and professes a gesture that is rather unusual in a classical musician. When she plays, she is constantly on the move, whirling, smiling and seeking cheering eye contact with her fellow players.“ Badische Zeitung

With the programme ‘Viaggio musicale in Italia’, the two recorder artists who have been associated with the recorder festival for a long time will present mainly unknown music from Italy of the early 18th century. From the rich oeuvre of Giuseppe Sammartini, lively sound images resound just as much as from Lodovico Ferronati or Ignazio Sieber, the Venetian maestro of wind instruments from Vivaldi’s circle.

The programme is a musical journey through Italy, stopping in the most important cultural metropolises of the time: Venice, Milan, Rome and Naples. The oldest sonatas in the programme were written by the Sicilian composer Alessandro Scarlatti. As different as the cities are, as different the ornate works sound in this programme.

As an inspired duo, Sabrina Frey and Philippe Grisvard are constantly surprised by spontaneous ideas and enjoy the creativity on stage as well as the exchange with the audience. The performers, who have been associated with the festival for years, are all the more pleased to be able to inaugurate the new location of the recorder festival in Bad Kissingen with their duetting sound stories.


Sabrina Frey recorder
Philippe Grisvard harpsichord

Works by Sieber, Sammartini, Ferronati, Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Mancini

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SA, 28.5.22 | 11:00 | » Rossini-Saal