We are particularly pleased that Dan Laurin will honour us at the recorder festival with a more than interesting programme on the history of the sonata. He will take you on a most exciting and enlightening journey from the earliest sonata of Giovanni Paolo Cima to the masterpieces of the Swedish composer Johan Helmich Roman, still underestimated in this country, to modern works by York Bowen. In the process, he will play various instruments that optimally facilitate a style and tonally adequate presentation of the music performed. Thus, instruments by Adriana Breukink will also be heard. The great Italian harpsichordist Anna Paradiso will accompany this journey brilliantly and work her magic on all kinds of keys.

Dan Laurin has proven his reputation as a highly exciting, outstanding, sometimes controversial recorder virtuoso in recent years on a variety of international tours that have taken him from the USA to India, Japan, Korea and Australia. His very own way of dealing with the sound possibilities of the recorder, relying on his own technical equipment and playing style, have been rewarded with a multitude of awards, including two Grammy Awards and the Performer’s Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. Dan Laurin is a recipient of the medal “Litteris et Artibus”, awarded by His Royal Highness Carl XVI Gustaf.

Also worthy of special mention is Dan’s long-standing and fruitful collaboration with the Australian instrument maker Frederick G. Morgan, which resulted in a series of replicas and reconstructions of historical flutes and attracted considerable attention in the field of baroque flute music.

Born in Italy, Sweden-based Anna Paradiso has been internationally praised for her numerous recordings for BIS at the harpsichord, fortepiano and clavichord, with concerts in Europe, the USA, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Lebanon. Through her study of original sources on thorough-bass she has developed a personal performance-style that has received enthusiastic reviews.

In 2019, the Swedish Royal Academy of Music awarded her the prestigious Bernadotte Scholarship for a project on improvisation in 18th cent. music from Naples. She is currently harpsichord professor at the conservatory of Matera and post-doc artistic researcher at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Paradiso is also PhD doctor in classical philology.”

Dan Laurin Blockflöte
Anna Paradiso Cembalo & Klavier

Works by Giovanni Battista Fontana, Johan Helmich Roman, Georg Philipp Telemann, Leonardo Leo, Jean-Marie Leclair, York Bowen

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SAT, 20.5.23 | 19.30 | » Rossini-Saal

This concert features instruments by Adriana Breukink, whom we commemorate in a special way with these concerts.