Conversation Concert –
With Sarah Jeffery

A concert in a very special format

As diverse and colorful as the questions surrounding the recorder as an instrument, its playing styles, and interpretations of recorder literature are, equally vibrant and multifaceted is Sarah Jeffrey’s channel.

With 201,000 subscribers on her channel ‘Team Recorder,’ she is undoubtedly one of the ambassadors of the recorder on YouTube and in social media. As a soloist, she is at home in both early and contemporary music, in various genres, and on international stages.

We are delighted that ‘Team Recorder’ will be live in Bad Kissingen. Sarah brings a colorful bouquet of her favorite melodies and preferred recorders, sharing stories from her world in our talk-concert.

Look forward to this more than exciting talk-concert!

» watch video on YouTube
» watch video on YouTube

SA, 11.5.24 | 11:00 – 13:00 | » Rossini-Saal | Duration: ca. 120 minutes| Concert with intermission


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