Foreign Masters

Max Volbers & Alexander von Heißen

With enthusiasm and imagination, Max Volbers, honored as the Emerging Artist of the Year at the 2023 OPUS KLASSIK, and Alexander von Heißen, winner of the 2022 Bach Competition, bring to life a vibrant facet of the music metropolis London in their new program ‘Foreign Masters’.

Virtuosos ahead!
Migrants from Europe played a significant role in shaping the extraordinarily rich music scene of 18th-century London. However, this musical landscape wouldn’t have existed without the expertise of musicians and composers from the continent – opulent operas, a plethora of new compositions eagerly embraced by printers and publishers, and dozens of public and private concerts daily.

To name just a few figures: Handel was the most influential English composer, with his opera arias becoming popular on the island. Oboist Sammartini from Italy made a name for himself in the King’s Theatre orchestra, and his compositions were considered original and fiery. Corelli and Alberti, who never set foot on English soil, became stars through savvy music publishers in the world city. Simultaneously, the recorder gained popularity as the ‘Gentleman’s flute,’ an instrument for wealthy enthusiasts and connoisseurs who performed in private circles for guests. Jacques Paisible/James Pesible, one of the greatest recorder players of the time, also contributed to the instrument’s soaring popularity in England.”

Max Volbers recorder
Alexander von Heißen harpsichord

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FR, 10.5.24 | 16:00 | » Rossini-Saal | Duration: ca. 90 minutes | Concert without intermission


Bach 2.0 – From the recorder to the traverso