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From Chats with Telemann, van Eyck, and Aliens.

Tabea Wink

Tabea Wink, who, in 2023, along with her ensemble ‘Barock_Plus,’ received the 1st prize at the ‘International Handel Competition,’ performs works by Telemann, van Eyck, and Moritz Eggert.

Communication and music – two terms that could hardly fit together better and, at the same time, could hardly raise more questions. Music allows for an extremely emotional, profound, and intuitive form of communication, much better than language could. However, this concert transcends in every way any previously known horizon and any familiar norm in communication!

One of the central pieces of this incredibly intricate and challenging late-night concert will be ‘Alien’ by Moritz Eggert. Tabea Wink masterfully presents this spectacular piece, which explores a very special form of communication between two species that could not be more different, using a variety of flutes, diverse technical aids, and her outstanding flute playing.

But not only communication with life from other galaxies, but also the challenge of communication in music and between us humans will be illuminated in this program from a variety of perspectives.

» watch video on auf YouTube
» watch video on auf YouTube

FR, 10.5.24 | 21:30 | » Rossini-Saal | Duration: ca. 25 minutes | Concert without intermission


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