Bach 2.0 – From the recorder to the traverso

Yeuntae Jung

Few families have shaped, changed, and revolutionized Early Music, especially German music, as profoundly as the Bach family. However, the concert Bach 2.0 sees itself not only as a tribute to this great musical family and the musicians of their time but primarily focuses on two unequal instrument siblings.

While Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Philipp Telemann composed magnificent works for the recorder, around the year 1750, a turning point emerged, shifting from the recorder to the traverso flute. This ‘new’ fashionable instrument not only allowed musicians like Philipp Emanuel and Wilhelm Friedemann Bach diverse new expressive possibilities but also challenged them in their playing skills.

Yeuntae Jung, an internationally sought-after soloist on both instruments, takes you on a journey into the musical world of the Bach family’s era. He lets the music speak, bringing to life the transition from the recorder to the traverso flute, a change echoed by Telemann and Fasch.

Yeuntae Jung recorder and traverso flute
Han Sol Lee Eo violin
Martin Knörzer violoncello
Tung Han Hu harpsichord

» Video auf YouTube ansehen
» Video auf YouTube ansehen

FR, 10.5.24 | 19:30 | » Rossini-Saal | Duration: ca. 90 Minuten | Concert with intermission


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