Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
Dear friends of the recorder and its music
Dear concert and exhibition visitors

From next year on, the Blockflötenfesttage (recorder festival days) will take place in Bad Kissingen. During the four-day music festival, music enthusiasts will be able to attend public concerts, a specialized exhibition with a wide range of historical instruments, recorders and accessories, as well as workshops and a master class. Director MAURICE STEGER conjures up the highest musical level with illustrious guests from around the world under the motto “Early Music in a new guise” – the first edition of the recorder festival in Kissingen will take place from May 26 to 29, 2022.

Experience old music and unusual recorder sounds

Sylvie Thormann, spa director and managing director of the Bayer. Staatsbad Bad Kissingen GmbH, is pleased: “This series of events adds an exciting musical genre to our cultural offerings. The recorder has gained more and more popularity in recent years and is no longer just the instrument of childhood. At the Recorder Festival Days, guests and residents can experience the instrument and its sounds multifaceted and multi-layered.”

Also the organizers Silke and Joachim Kunath are excited about the new location: “When the Becker couple gave us the business responsibility for the recorder festival days a few years ago, they gave us the clear signal: We do not care where the festival takes place, but it must always set qualitative standards! Since the rush of visitors of the music concerts and participants of the affiliated trade exhibition has increased in recent years and the space situation at the previous venue does not allow for additional growth, we have decided together with Mr. Steger to open another chapter in the history of the festival: By using the wonderful rooms in Bad Kissingen, the festival will get a more atmospheric framework.

Prof. Maurice Steger, artistic director of the Recorder Festival: “What a joy! In the wonderful historic premises of Bad Kissingen, we can live out musically in the best possible way, from solo recitals to orchestral concerts, the ambience and the acoustics of all halls is simply phenomenal. But not only that: I am also particularly looking forward to the meetings, the lectures, the educational programs and much more in the most wonderful corners of the Regentenbau.”


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
Dear friends of the recorder and its music

Due to the currently developing Covid-19 situation, we are unfortunately not yet able to present you with any programme content. We assure you that we will stay on the ball for you and are very anxious to carry out the Blockflötenfesttage. We hope to be able to give you concrete news in January and until then we wish you a relaxing holiday season as well as health, happiness and all the best for 2022.

Your festival organisation team