Prizewinners’ Concert

Verzweigungen | recorder duo

Max Volbers won the German Music Competition in 2021 as the first representative of the recorder and convinced in 4 rounds with an extended and highly complex repertoire from 5 centuries. We are proud that the recorder has won the competition with this great soloist. He comes to Bad Kissingen together with his wife and duo partner Elisabeth Wirth – whoever has experienced the two of them on a stage knows about the contagious joy of playing of this duo, which promises the most diverse sounds, pure energy, a coherent ensemble culture of the extra class and a lot of innovation.

A recorder duet means – contrary to all expectations – an almost inexhaustible variety of instruments in different sizes, registers and construction methods: From the cylindrically bored medieval flute to the angular Paetzold bass. This almost infinite variety of sound and noise worlds has always attracted composers of our time in particular, and so we are pleased to present two prize-winning duo pieces in this programme, some of which were written for and with us. These are juxtaposed with selected literature from the widely ramified repertoire of the 16th to 18th centuries; music from a total of five centuries. An instrument with a limited repertoire? No way!

Max Volbers recorder
Elisabeth Wirth recorder

Works by Giamberti, W. F. Bach, Sakellaridis, Blavet, Ciurlo, Hotteterre

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» watch video on youtube

SAT, 28.5.22 | 16:00 | » Rossini-Saal