Light and Darkness: From Celestial Radiance to Hellfire

Flautando Köln & Holger Schäfer

As the elaborate title of this program already impressively reveals, this concert is nothing short of the conflict between heaven and hell, supernatural beings, angels and demons, and the overarching struggle between good and evil that spans the history of the world – Light and Shadow.

Flautando Köln explores these fascinating themes with works ranging from the Middle Ages to the Baroque. They combine these with small excursions into contemporary music, such as the piece ‘Vuur’ (Fire) by Belgian composer Pieter Campo, composed for Renaissance recorders, or ‘Stamping Ground for Angels’ by Dutch composer Willem Wander van Nieuwkerk.

Connecting it all is a tale by the American-Lebanese poet and philosopher Khalil Gibran. The story of Lucifer and the Sage poetically narrates the polarity of good and evil, explaining and holding the world together.

Susanne Hochscheid recorders
Susanna Borsch recorders
Kerstin de Witt recorders
Ursula Thelen recorders
Holger Schäfer harp, recorder, voice, narrator.

» watch video on YouTube
» watch video on YouTube

SA, 11.5.24 | 19.30 | » Rossini-Saal | Duration: ca. 90 minutes | Concert with intermission


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