The 455 m² Max Littmann Hall is one of the five best concert halls in the world. Perfect acoustics are ensured by the cherry wood wall panelling decorated with inlays and ebony. (more…)

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Today’s Rossini Hall was built in 1838 as the “Royal Conversation Hall”. The architect Friedrich von Gärtner created it in the style of antique buildings. With this 390 sqm (more…)

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Around 1905, the architect Max Littmann built the 320-square-metre “Royal Theatre” in the baroque style of Franconia. The theatre room has silver ornaments covered with green fabric. (more…)

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Weißer Saal

One of the most beautiful halls in Bad Kissingen is the White Hall, designed in the Rococo style. With its generous window frontage, the 150 m² hall borders (more…)

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Grüner Saal

The 180-square-metre Green Hall captivates with its exceptionally elegant flair and its Art Nouveau-inspired décor. It owes its name to the (weiter…)

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The graceful, open courtyard, with its statues from Roman and Greek mythology, its ornamental fountains, the wall paintings and the high portico, is (weiter…)

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