Friendship is like home – this is how Kurt Tucholsky describes his longing for dependability. This sentiment from Tucholsky’s novel Schloss Gripsholm inspired the recorder quartet Flautando Köln to embark on their own personal reflection on a topic very much of our time: the concept of ‘home’ and a sense of belonging. The idea of home is multifaceted; we all think of it differently. Thus, the musicians undertake a musical journey across Europe, but without ever straying into the territory of national feelings. It’s all celebrating a feeling of home that knows no borders, neither spatial nor temporal. From Johann Sebastian Bach and Erik Satie to Turkish and Danish folk melodies – this is chamber music from around the globe.

Susanna Borsch recorder
Susanne Hochscheid recorder
Kerstin de Witt recorder
Ursula Thelen recorder

Works by J. Playford, J. S. Bach, R. Cogan and Turkish, Danish and Irish folk tunes

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FR, 27.5.22 | 19:30 | » Rossini-Saal